Provide Input on the Proposed Trout Pond Trail!

The US Forest Service is requesting comments on the Trout Pond North Trail corridor. Comments are due July 17th, 2014. Comments can include your support for the trail, specific facts, or other comments.

To assist in providing comments, you can use the form below. Alternatively, comments can be submitted via email to Download the letter from the US Forest Service and accompanying map for additional information.

Trout Pond

1Trout Pond is an accessible destination in the Apalachicola National Forest for hikers, bicyclists, fishermen, and equestrians. This destination is also an intrinsic resource on the Big Bend Scenic Byway. Read this Tale to learn more about Trout Pond.

GF&A Railroad Timeline

GF&A Trail at Trout Pond

GF&A Trail at Trout Pond

Have you been out to the GF&A Trail at Trout Pond? If not, consider visiting it next weekend. Until then, here is a timeline showing the history of the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama (also known as the Gopher, Frog, and Alligator) Railroad Corridor: GF&A Railroad Timeline.