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CC2ST Interactive Map

CC2ST Interactive Map

This application provides summary information about the proposed CC2ST network. The map shows existing trails, trail projects that are currently underway, and trail segments proposed in the Capital City to the Sea Trails Master Plan. Clicking on the proposed CC2ST segments will provide information about the ranking, approximate mileage, and trail class for that segment.


Trail Classes

The trails are divided into three classes based on the following characteristics:

Class 1 Trails

Class 1 Trails are typically greater than 10 miles in length and make a connection between two or more communities. These trails tend to serve as major trail segments upon which all other trails build off of to form a network.

The Class 1 Trail segments that are a part of the CC2ST network include:

  • The Tallahassee to St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail – from Tallahassee to St. Marks River Park in St. Marks
  • Trout Pond Trail North – from Tallahassee to Bloxham Cutoff Road
  • Trout Pond Trail South – from Bloxham Cutoff Road to Sopchoppy
  • U.S. 98 Trail – from CR 59 to Ochlockonee Bay Trail and TCC Wakulla Environmental Institute Connector from U.S. 319 to U.S. 98

Class 2 Trails

Class 2 Trails typically fall between five and 10 miles in length. Class 2 Trails connect a single community to a Class 1 trail or provide connections between a Class 1 Trails and the other segments in the network.

These trails include:

  • Bloxham Cutoff Trail – from Trout Pond Trail to St. Marks Trail
  • Shadeville Highway Trail – from Downtown Crawfordville to St. Marks Trail
  • Sopchoppy Trail – from Sopchoppy to U.S. 98

Class 3 Trails

Class 3 Trails are typically less than five miles in length and link either Class 1 or Class 2 Trails to specific destinations. These “spur trails” provide a connection to specific destinations that are not along the primary trail network.

The CC2ST network includes the following Class 3 Trails:

  • Franklin County Connector –from Sopchoppy to Franklin County
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Road Trail –from Downtown Crawfordville to Wakulla Gardens/Griners Addition
  • Otter Lake Trail –from Panacea to Otter Lake Recreational Area
  • Shell Point Trail –from U.S. 98 Trail to Shell Point Beach
  • Spring Creek Trail –from Wakulla State Forest to U.S. 98 Trail
  • Wakulla Beach Trail –from U.S. 98 Trail to Wakulla Beach
  • Wakulla Springs Trail –from Trout Pond Trail to Wakulla Springs State Park

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