Provide Input on the Proposed Trout Pond Trail!

The US Forest Service is requesting comments on the Trout Pond North Trail corridor. Comments are due July 17th, 2014. Comments can include your support for the trail, specific facts, or other comments.

To assist in providing comments, you can use the form below. Alternatively, comments can be submitted via email to Download the letter from the US Forest Service and accompanying map for additional information.

Big News!

The Capital City to the Sea Trails project team has several pieces of big news to share!

Master Plan Adopted

The Capital City to the Sea Trails Master Plan was adopted by the CRTPA Board during their April 14th Retreat. Thank you to everyone who provided input during the development of this Master Plan. The Master Plan is available for download hereMaster Plan Cover

Project Video

The second project video, A Celebration of Design, is also available.


Next Steps

Although the Master Plan is complete, momentum for the Capital City to the Sea Trails is still growing. The Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study for the US 98 Corridor, the #1 ranked project, was approved and will kickoff soon. The PD&E Study is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study required for federal funding eligibility. Additionally, the Apalachicola National Forest (ANF) is taking the lead to complete the NEPA documentation for Trout Pond Trail North from Bloxham Cuttoff Road (SR 276) north to Munson Slough. This website will be updated as information for these two projects becomes available.


Interactive Map

An interactive map is now available. This application provides summary information about the proposed CC2ST network. The map shows existing trails, trail projects that are currently underway, and trail segments proposed in the Capital City to the Sea Trails Master Plan. Clicking on the proposed CC2ST segments will provide information about the ranking, approximate mileage, and trail class for that segment.

CC2ST Interactive Map

CC2ST Interactive Map